In addition to simply playing the sport, your child learns how to be a part of a team, sportsmanship, leadership, and so much more than just how to win.

We offer a fun, physical challenge, away from the sedentary temptations of video games, Internet, and TV. Quest camps & programs specialize in sports instruction and training. You select a camp that focuses on a specific sport, which is the best way for your son or daughter to develop their skills.  Our camps range in competitiveness, so if you're unsure of the level of intensity for your child, feel free to speak to the camp administrator to find out more details.


All-Inclusive Team Retreat -- NEW!!!

Looking for a new way to re-energize your team? Located on a 60-acre hill-top campus on the edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park, overlooking the spectacular Tantalus mountain range and Howe Sound, you’ll find Quest University Canada. This is the perfect place to unwind and renew your love of the game. Train hard and then kick back and relax in the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.



QUEST | SYSA - Spring Soccer Program

The program is open to all players born 2004 to 2011 | Price per player: $100 

Program Registration and Contact Information:
To register for the program, please visit:
For registration and payment inquiries, please contact:
For more information, please contact:



1 Practice per week & 1 Game day per week
(3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 games - Includes a Skills Warm Up)



April 25th - 30th | May 2nd - 7th | May 9th - 14th | May 23rd - 28th
*No Saturday games on May Long Weekend*
May 30th - June 4th | June 6th - 11th | June 13th - 18th


2011s: Tuesdays 4-5pm at Quest -- Saturdays 9-10am at Quest
2010s: Tuesdays 5-6pm at Quest -- Saturdays 9-10am at Quest
2009s: Thursdays 4-5pm at Quest -- Saturdays 10am-11am at Quest
2008s: Thursdays 5-6pm at Quest -- Saturdays 10am-11am at Quest
2007s: Wednesdays 4-5pm at Quest -- Saturdays 11am-12pm at Quest
2006s: Wednesdays 5-6pm at Quest -- Saturdays 11am-12pm at Quest
2005s: Fridays 4-5pm at Quest -- Saturdays 12pm-1pm at Quest
2004s: Fridays 5-6pm at Quest -- Saturdays 12pm-1pm at Quest

Please be aware that due to possible conflicts or program registration size, sessions may take place at Brennan Park.




Coming Soon!

Contact: Dany Charlery




Coming Soon!

Contact: Colin Wilt