Our goal is to provide an intercollegiate athletics program that is committed to the intellectual and athletic growth of student-athletes in an environment where excellence in both sport and academics can be achieved.


  • The unique and personalized education experience at Quest shall remain of the highest priority for all athletes.
  • Competitive athletics are an equally important part of complete student development.
  • Participation in competitive athletics facilitates personal development and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Involvement in athletics will enable the student athlete to develop personal responsibility, integrity, reliability, sacrifice, leadership, teamwork, community awareness, and environmental responsibility.
  • Life skills utilized and developed for athletic success are transferable to academic, social and career success.
  • Sport can provide a medium for athletes to understand, appreciate and develop an international perspective on how to become active ambassadors and global citizens.


  • To create a positive learning and training environment where the ideals of team work, commitment, integrity, leadership and fair play are exhibited, applied and instilled.
  • To recruit and retain athletes who are equally committed to achieving academic and athletic success.
  • To provide and continuously develop comprehensive training programs that will enable athletes to reach their full athletic potential.
  • To empower and support coaches to grow and learn as educators, role models and ambassadors of the athletics program.
  • To provide unique opportunities through sport that will enable athletes to utilize their individual athletic talents.