Looking for something fun to do? Why not borrow a bike from the RecPlex?

Quest Bike Share Program is a student-initiative, largely funded by the SRC, focused on increasing resources on campus for students to use as a mode of transportation and/or for recreational purposes. Quest Bike Share Program strongly believes that everyone should have equal access to transportation, and the ability to get around town.

They are sponsored by local Squamish bike shop, Republic Bicycles, and also Norco Bicycles, in Vancouver. After receiving funding to purchase nine commuter bikes, they made plans to expand that number as the program grows, and as bike programming develops at Quest.

The program has been very well-received in the community, and bicycles are being used regularly. In the future, they are hoping to put together a small fleet of high-end mountain bikes, that students can use to take on the local, world-class trails around campus — after a very thorough orientation and training session. 


Come down to the RecPlex to check out Quest Bike Share Program today!

Visit their website HERE.