Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Sam Macdonald

Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Sam Macdonald

Weekend Overview

On Saturday, September 23rd the Quest men's soccer team faced the Douglas College Royals for the second time this season. After a 3-3 tie earlier in the season, this highly anticipated match kept fans on the edge of their seats all 90 minutes. Goalkeeper, Sam Macdonald, delivered an outstanding display of athleticism making a total of 9 saves – 6 in the second half. A performance that lead to his second shutout of the season, and being named Quest's featured athlete of the week.

Player's Profile

Player's Name: Sam Macdonald

Number: 1

Position: Goalkeeper

Number of Seasons at Quest: 2


Pre-game ritual:  This season I've changed up how I prepare for games.  In the past, I'd try to get as pumped up as possible and so pre-workout and lots of music was my usual go to.  However, I've found this year I can stay most present in the game if I'm calm and in control as opposed to being amped for the game.  To get that type of focus I'll do some guided imagery exercises before the warm-up. So far it's been serving me well.

Favourite thing about Quest:  Quest is completely and utterly what you make of it as an individual.  If you want to study a certain subject, get involved in the arts, sports and recreation, or contribute to the community in some way, it is in your power to do so.  Quest offers such a wide array of ways to get involved that it's up to the individual to dive in to what their passionate about.

Briefly describe how the team felt going into Saturday's game. What was the energy like, how prepared did you feel as a whole?

I think the team was dialed in for the game, we understood our roles, and we were ready to go and perform.  We were disappointed in ourselves with the tie in Week 1 and felt like we let those points slip away.  So going into the game we were confident that we could get the result and eager to improve from Week 1. 

How did you feel personally going into the game? Were you feeling any extra pressure to perform?

I had a good week of training leading up to the game and the body felt good so I was confident in myself leading up to the game.  I felt like I did not perform to my standard in the tie, so I had some extra motivation going into the game.

What can you say about the team's performance during Saturday's game? Did the intensity chance or tension increase in the second half?

The buy-in to team defending was phenomenal.  We had strikers tracking back, blocked shots in the double digits, and timely tackles and clearances from our back line.  Douglas ramped-up their attack in the second half, pouring lots of numbers forward.  However, we consistently had numbers behind the ball and stuck to our roles.  Although we only nabbed one, our counter-attack looked dangerous and kept the Douglas defenders from creeping too far up the field.  All in all, it was a well-balanced performance.

How do you feel about your own performance?  Was there anything specific that contributed to your successful performance?

Douglas had nearly 10 corners in the game with 2 or 3 coming in the last few minutes.  I think I organized the defense and came out well especially in those last minutes.  Other than that, I thought my distribution from the ground had good distance and direction.

What areas would you like to see improvements both personally, and for the team moving forward into the season? Is there anything major you would like to see change?

Coming out more often for crosses is a big one for me, both by reading the game more efficiently and being quicker off my line.  As a team, I think it's all about consistency.  We had a good weekend and we can feel good about that, but it won't matter at the end of October if we're not at our peak or playoffs. 

What is your favorite part about being a goalkeeper?

I have to say the satisfaction of taking away clear goal scoring chances is my favourite part about being a goalkeeper.


Coach's Comments

A professional level buy-in to the defensive tactics this weekend, huge praise to the entire squad. It was great to see the fans out keeping the atmosphere live.