A message from Coach Alexander Elliott

A message from Coach Alexander Elliott

To the Quest Kermodes Men's Soccer Members,

Sport is the great equalizer that enables people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to come together to strive for a common goal. The power of the common goal, driven by those who don the same shirt can create memories that make you a Family. Over the past four years I wore a shirt together with 58 brothers. Being a strong family was not something we preached, it was something we lived. I truly think the world of each and every one of you. You may think I have been teaching you, but you have taught me more than you may ever know.

I'd like to personally thank every player that was part of this family. You are Kermodes for life. It was your team, your program, your successes, your competitive grit that rose the underdog. Please take a second to be proud of your shirt, even when it feels like someone is ripping it away.

I would like to thank every founder, director, colleague, and staff member who created and believed in such a unique program. Those who put their full hearted time and energy into supporting these amazing student-athletes, you know who you are and I have the utmost respect for you!

I am deeply saddened by the decision Quest University has made to stop participating in varsity athletics, but I will not let that dim the light on the amazing successes, memories, and relationships that have been created.


Coach Alexander Elliott