Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Nick Glavas

Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Nick Glavas

Weekend Overview

After Quest's tough match that resulted in a tie with VIU earlier this season, Saturday's rematch was a highly anticipated game. The Kermodes' defense was challenged from start to finish, fending off a total of 12 shots in the first half. Unfortunately, 2 shots got away on them in the second, and would be the only goals scored that day.

Sunday's away game was full of action, as the Kermodes faced the Falcons. The teams exchanged goals throughout the match, leaving the final score at Quest 3 - Langara 4.

Throughout both games #13, Nick Glavas, delivered a solid performance, including scoring the first goal in the Quest vs Langara match. Glavas has been a dependable asset to the team all season so far. He has performed with consistency game after game, and earned himself this week's title of Highlighted Athlete of the Week.

Nick Glavas Player's Profile

Player's Name: Nick Glavas

Number: 13

Team Nickname: Glee / Big Sexy / Hercules

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Position: Centre Mid

Number of Seasons at Quest: 2

Pre-game ritual:

My pre-game always starts with getting to the field early, thinking about the game, and listening to some relaxing music. About an hour to kick-off and after our team talk is when the music changes from relaxing to rap/upbeat music to get me pumped up for the game.

Favourite thing about Quest:

My favourite thing about Quest is the block system. It allows me to focus on a specific subject each month instead of having to take a bunch of different classes at once over the course of a semester. Another thing that I find so great about Quest is the community feeling around campus. I feel very welcomed wherever I go and this has allowed me to build and grow many relationships both within the team and with other students.    

Briefly describe how the team felt going into the big game on Saturday. What was the energy like, how prepared did you feel as a whole? Did the team feel any extra pressure to perform?

I believe having to go to the island to play the top team in the league gave the team a great hunger to go out and get a result. This had been with us since our last game against them, losing off two penalty kicks. On the ferry, I felt as though there was this "calm before the storm" mentality developing, and that we were ready for a battle. With any game pressure is felt, but we know that by sticking to our system we would be able to overcome it.  

How did you feel going into the game? Were there any areas in which you felt pressure to perform?

Personally, going into the game I was feeling quite confident in myself as a player. Especially, coming off the win against Douglas the week before. Every game there is pressure, but I know, as long as I stay focused on my roles and responsibilities, that pressure diminishes.

What can you say about the team performance during the Sunday game?

After coming off a tough loss, we were looking to start this game with extremely high energy. In the first 15 minutes we did so, with a goal to show for it. For the rest of the game, we were faced with great adversity with Langara leading, the level dropped below the standard that is acceptable within our ranks. It ended with a disappointing result. This was quite the wake up call for us.

How do you feel about your own performance?  Was there anything specific that contributed to being named the feature athlete this week?

In the first 15 minutes I was feeling great. Winning headers, doing defensive work, and to cap it off, scoring the first goal of the game. After this I think that I continued to win battles but unfortunately we couldn't get the result.

What would you like to see from the team moving into this week's big games?

After this weekend, and with that rock bottom feeling, we will be looking to come back stronger than ever.   

Teammate Testimonial

Nick Glavas is a great teammate. He is a rock in the center midfield with great work ethic and positivity. Playing alongside Glavas makes the game easier for me and the rest of the team, by virtue of him physically dominating every team we play. He has also contributed some keys goals this year. His chipped goal against the Douglas Royals showed his poise and awareness, a goal that got us 3 points in that game. With Glavas combining his physicality and offensive prowess, he has become one the most important members of the team. - Devon Mitchell

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