Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Sachi Swift

Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Sachi Swift

Weekend Overview

After a tough loss on Saturday, September 30th, to the VIU Mariners, the Kermodes collected themselves in preparation for their match against Langara. Quest came on strong, scoring the first goal of the game early in the first half. The team added to their lead with a second goal in the 31st minute. Both goals for Quest were scored by #8, Sachi Swift. The Falcons countered with a goal of their own in the 67th minute, but the final score would remain Quest 2, Langara 1. This was a big win for the Kermodes, as it marked their first victory of the season. Swift has been a top player for Quest all season, but it was her outstanding performance on Sunday that led her to being named Quest's Highlighted Athlete of the Week.

Sachi Swift Player's Profile

Player's Name: Sachi Swift

Number: 8

Team Nickname: Sach$$

Position: midfield

Number of Seasons at Quest: 3

Pre-game ritual: listening to music 

Favourite thing about Quest: 

My favourite thing about Quest is the close community that is created within the team, peers, and faculty. Everyone supports everyone in the utmost positive way. It's truly amazing to be a part of. 

How did you feel personally going into the weekend's games? Were there any areas in which you felt pressure to perform? 

There is a pressure to perform every game. This weekend, I was more worried about our numbers going in, as some of our starters are currently injured. 

How did it feel for the team to secure its first win of the season on Sunday?

It was a great feeling, one that I had forgotten. It was about time and my team definitely feels the same way. We were all just happy. We will use this as momentum towards the upcoming games and hopefully secure some more wins this week. 

What is it like having to play back to back away from home?

It is just another part of playing soccer. Sometimes you play at home, others away. However, there definitely is a difference playing at our pitch in comparison to others. That's where we practice day after day and feel most comfortable. Traveling can take a toll, but it also allows more time for mental preparation and mingling amongst the team.  We are all friends and simply enjoy each other's company making traveling all the more fun. 

How do you feel about your own performance?  Was there anything specific that contributed to being named the feature athlete this week?

It was one of my better games for sure. The first goal made me hungry for more, so I kept shooting. The second, I got a beautifully placed ball from my teammate Mahalia making it quite easy to finish. Personally, I love to defend and try to make that as evident as possible on the field. Offensively, I like to find gaps to play in and through, break lines and make runs in behind. 

What would you like to see from the team moving into this week's big games? 

Two words:  Work Hard. 

Photos courtesy of Vancouver Sports Pictures

 Files from Cassy Winter