Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Rikki Logan

Weekend Overview | Player Feature: Rikki Logan

Weekend Overview

The Kermodes had a tough weekend, as they faced the Blues in a double header. The team has been coping with a series of unfortunate injuries to key players. Capilano visited Quest's turf on Thursday, October 5th for the first match that would end with a score in favour of the Blues. Saturday, October 7th, the teams met again. The first half remained scoreless, leaving all of the action for the second. The Blues scored a total of 4 goals to take home a 4-0 victory.

Quest's goalkeeper, Rikki Logan, delivered an outstanding performance blocking a total of 7 shots during Saturday's game. She carries a positive attitude into each game and always encourages her teammates when they need to be lifted up. Rikki is this week's Highlighted Athlete.

Rikki Logan Player's Profile

Player's Name: Rikki Logan        

Number: 1

Team Nickname: Rik

Position: Goalkeeper

Number of Seasons at Quest: 2

Pre-game ritual:

Listen to calming music to ease the nerves of the upcoming game.

Favourite thing about Quest:

My favourite thing about Quest is the relationship and connections you are able to grow with your tutors that you wouldn't be able to do at a traditional university.

My Quest Experience:

Something that is unique about the women's team is the relationship we all share with one another due to our small numbers. Each player on the team plays a crucial role on the field as well as to one another on a personal level. You learn to appreciate every single one of your teammates which makes it truly feel like a family.

Briefly describe how the team felt going into the game this Thursday and Saturday's. What was the energy like? How prepared did you feel as a whole?

Going into the games, I think we all at first felt a little nervous as we knew we would only have eleven players and would be missing some key players. But, thanks to the help of our captains before Saturday's game, we were able to go into the game with the mindset to not forget to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy playing soccer.

What was it like facing a team for the first time back to back?

Playing a team back to back has its benefits. One is that going into the second game I already knew what I had to do as a goalkeeper when playing the team for the maximum chance of success.

How has the team been able to recovery mentally from such high rates of player injuries this season?

It's hard to recover mentally, and it's an ongoing process still within our team. Our team being a family is what encourages us to want to work our hardest for one another. We all share the same struggles and knowing that on the field the teammates beside you are still giving everything they have makes it a whole lot easier.

What is your favorite part about being a goalkeeper?

My favorite part about goalkeeper is that I am the last line of defense, and that for someone to score, they have to get past me. There is no better feeling than making a dive and blocking the shot that would've been a sure goal.

How do you deal with the pressure of being a goalkeeper?

One of my biggest support systems as a goalkeeper is my defense. We all know each other so well that we notice when each of us needs to be picked up during the game and what we need to say to help one another. I owe a lot of credit to my back line for my performance in games.


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